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Ever since microbiology started investigating and analyzing the shapes and behavior of cells, they started coming across different shapes and sizes of the cell. Some have a polygonal structure, while some have fixed geometrical boundaries. When an epithelial cell was magnified and observed under a microscope, then a new geometrical figure was seen, the scientist named this shape as Scutoid shapes. The reason epithelial cell looks in this shape was because of inside cellular contents and outside structure of the cell. They also observed that cell pack together because of this structure. Initially, it was thought that cell could be packed tightly only in rectangular structure. However, this invention can open new doors to making artificial organs or fake limbs for the treatment of a paralyzed person.

Functions of Scutoid shaped epithelial cells

  • Forms barrier against infections: – As epithelial cells form the outer layer of the skin; hence they are exposed to an allergen, antigen. These cells play a vital role to fight against the viral infection as well due to protective cell structure. The Scutoid shape is a stable solid geometrical shape that prevents the entry of any particles from outside; hence it forms a barrier against infection as well.
  • Protective layers for inside delicate tissues: – If Scutoid shape epithelial cells are not there in our skin, then they will be prone to any cut and wrath easily. Even a simple prick of the pin can flow the stream of blood.
  • Cell secretion: – Secretion is a mechanism to prevent the entry of antigens and prepare the body to fight against the disease. One of the essential functions of the epithelial cell is cell secretion. Secretion is also done to maintain the temperature within optimal limits.
  • Filtration:-Filtration is the process of keeping the cellular structure inside the cell while expelling the un-necessary cell contents or excreta outside the cell.
  • Gives final shapes to the animal:-The epithelial cells provide the final shape of the organism as it forms the outer covering of the skin in all living beings.

Location of Scutoid shaped epithelial cells in the Human body

The human body is a complex biological structure and consists of various kinds of cells making up the tissues which collectively form organ and organ system. Epithelial cells are present throughout the body with some additional notable features. For example, we find simple columnar and non-ciliated epithelial cells in the stomach and intestines both small and large intestine. It is present in the oesophagus or food pipe as well in the form of Stratified Squamous and non-keratinized structure. Keratin is essential for hair growth. Cuboidal shaped epithelial cells are present in kidney ducts, pancreas and salivary glands.

The life span of Scutoid shaped epithelial cells

From the data, it is seen that stromal cells have a life span of 30 years; however, that of epithelial cells is only two years. However, this does not mean that they are not playing a significant role in the vital functions of the body.

Potential uses of Scutoid shapes 

  • In making artificial organs: – People who suffer from loss of limbs in war or fight against terrorist they can get artificial limbs if the Scutoid shaped cells are used to prepare the limbs.
  • Open up new study for protection against viral infection: – An in-depth study of these cells can help us understand the protective mechanism that a cell does against any viral infection. In this way, we can prepare new antivirus and prevent from pandemic diseases as well.

Know more about Scutoid shapes

Have you ever wondered how epithelial cells packed in three-dimensional structures? The scientist has discovered the reason how the cells are tightly packed together inside the tissue. It is due to a new geometrical shape which is not defined until now. This structure is different from a regular prism-like structure with a curve pattern. They are like twisted prism structure which helps the epithelial cell to fold and curve the epithelia which line the outer surface of organs.

Difference between Prism, Frustum, Prismoid and Scutoid structure

In a prism structure, we find regular straight and linear longitudinal boundary lines, while in frustum some of the boundary lines are curved at a specific angle. On the other hand, prismoid structure, we find a common point from where two or more longitudinal boundary lines are originating. However, in Scutoid, this is not necessary, and the investigation is required to find out the more about the structure and geometrical shape. It is seen that Scutoid has six sides; hence it is a hexagonal structure. Unlike prism which has long five sides with a diagonally sliced face, these have six sides with undefined sliced faces.

The concept of this geometrical shape requires in-depth knowledge of mathematics, physics and biology. That is why it is said that this could open a new branch of study in science as well. It could be an open door for finding treatment for uncured diseases and hence require intense investigation through experiments and observation. The raised number of epithelial cells in urine indicates there is some problem with ducts of kidney, urinary tracts or digestive organs. Hence it can also be used in curing any disease related to the digestive system.

Diseases that are associated with epithelial cells

Pyuria is a condition when white blood cells are present in the excessive amount due to malfunctioning of epithelial cells founds in urinary tracts or ducts of the kidney. It is normal to have 1 to 5 Squamous epithelial cells per HPF or High power fields. If they are more than this limit, then we can suspect Urinary tract infection or kidney or liver disease.

We hope the above information has been useful to all those who want to know more about Scutoid shaped epithelial cells and want to know the future scopes of applying the knowledge in various fields for the development of artificial limbs or vaccine for protection against infection. It is a matter of further investigation to know more about these structures only then we can say whether it can be used in other sectors like industries or not.

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